Universal Media Gateways SARVAM-UMG


Different telecom networks offer advantages in different aspects. Today’s businesses expect specific benefits from each of these networks. The VOIP, GSM/3G, ISDN and POTS are four such omnipresent networks. It is vital for users to reach these networks transparently as they offer wider connectivity and lower telephony costs. However, it is not easy to interface these networks with the existing PBX. Most of the PBXs were not designed to interface with these modern networks. Of course, one can replace the PBX with its accessories and acquire a new-generation equipment. But this proves to be a very costly solution.
Presenting, Matrix SARVAM UMG – the High-density Universal Media Gateway that offers integrated interfaces to VOIP, GSM/3G,ISDN BRI, T1/E1 PRI and POTS networks. It can be used with any brand of PBX.

It allows users to make and receive calls transparently on all networks. It supports flexible and intelligent Least Cost Routing (LCR), leading to significant cost savings and round-the-clock connectivity. It allows enterprises to dynamically select one of these networks on per-call basis for obvious benefits of reach, cost and quality of service.
Matrix SARVAM UMG provides carrier-grade gateway features, Integration, Scalability, Flexibility and Reliability. This makes it ideal
for Call Centres and ITSPs irrespective of organization size and media network requirements. Matrix SARVAM UMG is interoperable
with third-party IP-PBXs and ITSPs (Elastix, Broadsoft, Megapath,Brekeke, Nex Vortex, Broadvox, Babytel, Voxbone, SOTEL). It’s
advanced routing capabilities and comprehensive gateway features ensures that the enterprise needs of different telecom network
requirements are addressed while retaining existing infrastructure with an advantage of faster and transperent operation with reduced
telecommunication cost.

Key Features

  • 3G Network Support
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Allowed and Denied Lists
  • Network Selection
  • Automatic Number Translation
  • Peer-to-Peer Calling
  • Call Detail Recording (CDR)
  • Port Status
  • Call Maturity
  • Remote Programming
  • Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Call Progress Tones
  • Call Progress Tones
  • CLI based Routing
  • SIP Accounts
  • CUG over GSM/3G
  • Speech Gain Setting
  • Day Light Saving
  • System Activity Log
  • Direct Dial-In (DDI) Routing
  • System Fault Log
  • Emergency Number Dialing
  • Time Zones
  • Fixed Number Dialing
  • Universal Routing
  • IMEI Number
  • Web-based Programming

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