Matrix SATATYA Network Video Recorders – NVRs are reliable IP Video Surveillance solution for centralized surveillance management. These recorders help reduce server, bandwidth and storage costs by up to 50%.

It’s unique feature, Cascading allows you to monitor multiple devices without a server through a master-slave configuration. This not only eliminates the cost of server, but also reduces the operational difficulties that often hamper management of Video Surveillance system.

Furthermore, it comes with automatic frame rate reduction during no activity period, which saves up to 50% of your storage without compromising on the quality. It further optimizes your storage by giving flexibility of assigning storage based on priority of cameras.

The system is well equipped with latest functionalities for instant notifications, integration and feature-rich Centralized Management Software, Web Client and Mobile Application that today’s security sensitive organizations require for remote and instant management. This thoroughly engineered NVR is highly efficient in strengthening security and increasing productivity and discipline in any organization.

Matrix NVRs are used in enterprises that have either a single branch or branches at multiple locations. These devices provide them with three dimensional security that is persistent, proficient and preventive.

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