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Proton 205
Key Features
Features List
Technical Specifications
Product Range - SMB PBX
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The Compact Communicator
Modern businesses need a simple, easy to install and use communication system for efficient call management. Presenting Matrix Proton205, a complete PBX with quality, value and substance.

An easy to install and use PBX, it is loaded with features that offer you more returns on your investment. Built around a microcontroller, the Proton205 uses SMT for hardware design offering robust and reliable performance. Its unique software offers value added features that not only reduce cost but also enhance productivity in your organisation.

It allows unrestricted communication from all extensions due to its special non-blocking design. Housed in an aesthetic package and powered by latest technology, Matrix Proton205 assures “Value for Money”.

All these and much more packed and delivered to you by a trusted brand and that too at a wonderful price. Could there be a better a deal?

 Key Features
Auto Day-Night Mode
Receive calls on specified extension during day and night.

Call Pick-Up
Answer a call ringing at another extension.

Call Transfer
Transfer an existing call to another extension.

All calls for the boss are routed through the secretary.

Hot Line
Get desired extension automatically on lifting the handset.

Power-Down Operation
Make and receive external calls from four extensions during power failure.

Selective Trunk Access
Select a specific trunk line to make outgoing calls.

Distinctive Ringing
Different types of rings for internal and trunk calls.

Interrupt Request
Give intimation tone to a busy extension.

Music On Hold
Put caller on hold with pleasant music.

On-site Programming
Program functions at your location to suit your exact needs.

Enter into an ongoing conversation without intimation.

Round Robin Ringing
If programmed extension does not answer the call within a stipulated time, the second extension starts ringing and then the third and so on.

Simultaneous Ringing
If programmed extension does not respond to the trunk ring within a Stipulated time, all five extensions start ringing.

Use of Existing Phones
Saves additional cost of new instruments and provides a choice to use Hi-tech feature phones and cordless phones.

Number Locking
Long distance and Intra-circle calls are denied to the user.

Auto Call Back
Get connected to a busy trunk or extension as soon as it gets free.

Establish 3-way communication.

Do Not Disturb
Forward all calls to next extension.

Last Number Redial
Redial the previously dialed number with the press of a single key.

Quick Dial
Dial 3 external numbers at the touch of a single key.

Ring Only Once
Avoid disturbance of continuous ringing.
 Featured List
Auto Call Back (On Busy)
Auto Day Night Mode
Call Hold
Call Pick Up
Call Splitting
Call Transfer
Class of Service
Data Port (Internet Ready)
Distinctive Ringing
Do Not Disturb
External Calls
Hot Line
Internet Ready Port
Interrupt Request
Last Number Redial
Memory Dialing
Music on Hold
Power Down Operation
Quick Dial
Ring Only Once
Round Robin Ringing
Selective Trunk Access
Simultaneous Ringing
STD, 9 and 95 Lock
Toll Control
Technical Specifications
Telephony Interface : 2 CO Lines (FXO) for Analog PSTN/CO Connectivity
  : 5 Stations (FXS) for Phone, Modem, Fax Connectivity
DTMF Decoder : 2
Speech Paths : 2 + 2
Transmission Parameters
Return Loss : More than 18dB
Insertion Loss : Less than 2dB
Inter-Channel Cross-Talk : Less than -65dBmOp
Idle Channel Noise : Less than -65dBm
Longitudinal Balance : Better than 40dB
Switching : Space Division CMOS Cross point Switch
CO Line (FXO)
Line Impedance : 600
Loop Limit : 150
Pulse Dialing : 10 PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break =33:67)
Protection : Solid State(Over Voltage and Over Current Protection)
Connectivity : Push-Type (Single Pair Wire- 0.5mm/0.019 inch)
Power Failure Transfer : 2 CO Lines to Fixed Stations
Station Lines (FXS)
Loop Limit : 250 (Max.)Excluding Telephone
Loop Current : 35mA Nominal
Ring Voltage : 60Vrms, 50Hz
Off Hook Line Impedance : 600
Pulse Detection : 10 PPS +/- 10%, Make/Break=33:67)
DTMF Detection : As per ITU-T Q.24
Protection : Solid State(Over Voltage Protection)
Connectivity : Push-Type (Single Pair Wire-0.5mm/0.019 inch)
Power Supply
Mains : 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50Hz
Power Consumption (Typical) :  
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 17.0 x 23.5 x 6.4 cm (6.6” x 9.2” x 2.5”)
Unit Weight : 1.1 kg (2.4 lb)
Installation : Wall Mount
Operating Temperature : -10ºC to +50ºC (14º F to122º F)
Operating Humidity : 5-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Storage Temperature : -40º C to + 85º C(-40º F to 185º F)
Storage Humidity : 0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
 Product Range -SMB PBX
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VisionUltra206P : 2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
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