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In today's fast paced world, with the anonymity of urban living, weakening of social networks, and rising crimes rates, Communication and Security have emerged as two basic necessities.

Children, ladies and other occupants of any residential complex naturally need a communication system to help them keep in touch with their neighbors and share their day-to-day life with them regularly.

Security is another prime concern for all the urban inhabitants. It is imperative that they get a dependable product that allows them to summon help as fast as possible and whenever needed. Further, communication and security are interlinked and inseparable. This necessitates a product that can understand and manage this duality Communication and Security.

Presenting Matrix Eternity - a new-generation Communication-Security System with a unique blend of communication, security and convenience functions.

Let Matrix Eternity with its new-age functions take care of your communication and security anxieties!

Communication: A Backbone for Happy Living
Communication is essential in strengthening social network and creating a happier neighborhood. Designed for easy usage, Matrix Eternity allows all extension users to talk to each other without incurring any cost. This allows children, housewives, elders and friends to communicate freely with each other in the same building or residential township. A very important feature to develop bonding among the residents.

Security: Need of the Hour
A good security system can improve the safety of a home and the loved ones residing in it. Research says that a home without an appropriate security about three times more likely to be broken into, than the one with security. Matrix Eternity offers a host of sophisticated security features which ensure a safe and secure surrounding. Features like Panic Switch, Central Ringer, Security Dialer, and Emergency Calls help safeguard the residents not only from intruders but also from natural accident like fire.

Matrix Eternity offers you superlative quality, robust architecture and intelligent software for efficient, reliable and maintenance-free communication. Powered by a 32-bit RISC processor and distributed processing, the system ensures immediate response. Its 100% non-blocking PCM-TDM design ensures unrestricted communication simultaneously by all the users. It also offers flexible scalability due to its modular design of the cards.

 Key Features
Communication Features
Zero Cost of Phone Calls: Boon for Ladies and Teenagers
We all know that ladies and teenagers love to talk on phones for long time. Now, they all can talk to their hearts content without stepping out of their homes. Matrix Eternity is designed to facilitate such long calls and heavy traffic at no cost at all.

Superior Speech Quality and Longer Extension Lines with SLIC
Obsolete communication products use transformer based, single-ended, discrete circuitry for extension lines. These circuits are bulky, consume more power, pick-up noise and are prone to frequent failures.

On the other hand, the Matrix Eternity employs latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based Subscriber Loop Interface Circuit (SLIC) for extension interfaces. This design offers longer distance and multi-pair cabling for extensions reducing initial cost. Because the extension feed is balanced, cross-talk and radio interference are eliminated.

Digital 100% Non-Blocking Free-Flowing Communication
Many of the outdated communication products have limited call handling capacity. Their analog technology and limited hardware resources restrict the total number of simultaneous calls to a small fraction of the total users. This limitation becomes a serious bottleneck during peak hours and emergency situations.

Matrix Eternity is based on Digital Switching Technology and thus 100% non-blocking. Not only it supports all 100% users to talk simultaneously, but it also allows all the users to dial at the same time.

Flexible Numbering Plan
The phone numbers are always expected to match the apartment numbers for natural association. The Matrix Eternity offers completely flexible numbering plan. It is also possible to mix 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers thus offering complete numbering flexibility. For example, few security and service extensions can be given single-digit numbers for quick access.

Communication with the Outside World
Many a times, it is desirable that the building communication system should be connected with the external world using a single or a few telephone lines. This offers much-needed connectivity for the residents to talk to the security personnel from their offices. Even the security personnel can contact building members for some urgent matters. As local calls are not costly, installing a local line with the system would not add significantly to the total cost.

The Matrix Eternity offers this connectivity by adding appropriate card to the system. Even GSM card is also supported so that users can avail zero-cost benefit of the CUG facility offered by many GSM operators. It is possible to allow only a few stations to use the external line for local or long distance calls thus allowing total control and flexibility.

Security Features
Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) - Number and Name Display
Matrix Eternity offers CLIP that allows the user to see the phone number of the caller. In addition, it also shows the name of the caller making identification very easy. This is a very useful feature before deciding to answer a ringing call. The feature comes handy in tracking unwanted, nasty calls.

Security Extension
Security person is responsible for screening visitors before allowing them entry into the premises. Two types of phones can be given to the security person Normal Phone or Digital Key Phone (DKP). Both the options support all the standard user features. Additional features supported by the DKP are Single-Touch Dialing, Directory Dialing, Easy Call Management, etc.

Hunting Group for Security
If higher traffic is expected on the security station, he can be given two or more phones. These extensions can be put in a single logical group with a common hunting number. The residents can dial this common hunting number. The Eternity hunts for the free security extension and rings it immediately saving valuable time and improving response time. This feature is also useful when there are multiple security personnel stationed at different gates.

Malicious Call Tracing using Last Call Recall
The Matrix Eternity is designed keeping in mind the problems associated with modern living in apartments. If a user receives an obnoxious or unwanted call, he or she can place the call back to the caller by using Last Call Recall feature. This feature works irrespective of whether the call was answered or not.

Conversation and Speech Recording
The Matrix Eternity can be installed with optional Voice Mail Card to offer the facility of recording user's telephonic conversation in his personal voice mail box. This helps the user to keep record of the talks with various dialed or received calls. It is also possible to record all the calls of a few selected users automatically. Caution: The feature must be used in accordance with the local laws.

Emergency Call Detection and Reporting
Matrix Eternity allows the user to dial predetermined emergency numbers. Whenever these special numbers are dialed any user, the system alerts the security to provide timely help to the caller.

Malicious Call Tracing using Call Log
The Matrix Eternity maintains a log of all the calls made by the residents in its memory. Each call is stored with details like caller and called numbers, date, time, duration of call, etc. Entries in the log come handy in tracing malicious or obnoxious calls.

Panic Switch for Each Apartment: Emergency Call
Sometimes it is desirable that few or all apartments are provided their own panic switches. This helps aged people to summon help by just pressing the panic switch provided next to their bed or sofa. They need not remember and spend time in dialing specific numbers.

For such applications, a regular extension line can directly be wired to a panic switch. Whenever this switch is operated, the Eternity places a call to the prefixed station (generally, security) with caller number and name displayed on the security phone to identify the caller.

If you do not desire to spare one extra extension line for each panic switch, your can still avail this feature with little variation in usage. The panic switch and the phone can be connected on the same extension line in parallel. In such a case, the user has to press the panic switch for a longer time (about 5 to 7 seconds) for the Eternity to differentiate between a normal phone pickup for dialing and sustained off-hook condition to trigger an emergency call.

Digital Input Port for a Central Panic Switch or a Sensor
Need for immediate help in case of an emergency is imperative in apartments. The Matrix Eternity facilitates one common panic switch interface. If any user presses this switch, the Eternity places an emergency call on the security station and thus alerting the personnel. It can also activate a central ringer or hooter if the application demands alerting all the residents of the building. It is possible to wire multiple panic switches or sensors in parallel to this port thus allowing residents to operate the switch that is closest to them at the time of an emergency. It is also possible to place a call on a prefixed station automatically whenever the panic switch or sensor is activated.

Digital Output Port (DOP): Central Hooter or Ringer
It is desirable that one central alarm annunciation device is installed for the entire building. The Matrix Eternity offers a port with Normally Open (NO) contact for this purpose. Any single-phase or three-phase contactor can be activated using this contact which in turn can control any central annunciation device.

As mentioned above, Panic Switch or Sensor can activate this central device. Alternately, a user can dial a prefixed code from his phone in case of an emergency to alert people and summon help.

Security Station Monitor
If the security is provided with a Digital Key Phone (DKP), it is possible to monitor his activities by secretly listening to him once in a while. A user can dial a code to activate DKP speakerphone mic allowing the user to listen to what is being talked in the security room. Caution: The feature must be used in accordance with the local laws.

Convenince Features

Alarms Wakeup and Reminder Rings
Matrix Eternity offers facility of setting up multiple wake-up alarms from the same extension. In addition, it also supports reminder alarm that can be set for a desired day, date and time. All these alarms support snooze facility ensuring that the user has really woken up. In addition, the system can also greet the users with a sweet voice message “Good Morning! This is your wakeup call!” or something similar.

Auto Call Back
This feature allows the user to receive a ring back from a number which was engaged or not responding when dialed earlier. The user saves time and efforts of trying the same number repeatedly.

Background Music: Soft, Soothing Music in the Entire Complex
Matrix Eternity allows the users to listen to background music on their DKP or normal speaker phones. If an incoming call is received while a user is listening to the music, it changes to ring-back tone. This reduces the cost of extra wiring and speakers. Four types of music tones are built into the system. The user can also use external music sources like MP3 player.

Music Input Port
The Analog Input Port (AIP) allows an external music source (FM radio or MP3 player) to be connected to Matrix Eternity. The desired music or jingle can be played while a person is kept on hold. The system allows you to use the Digital Key Phone (DKP) as well as the single line telephone (SLT) as a device to play soft background music without hampering normal calls. Let the callers listen to the music of your choice!

Public Address System Port
Matrix Eternity supports the Public Address System which can be connected to the Analog Output Port (AOP). It allows any station user to make announcements on external speakers. It is a very helpful in making important announcement in public areas of residential complexes.

Conference 3-Party and Multi-Party
Matrix Eternity allows up to 15 people to converse in a single conference. The unique design of this feature also allows multiple conferences to be conducted simultaneously. You can held meetings and group discussions over phone to save valuable time.

Voice Messages
Matrix Eternity has built-in voice modules. The user can use these modules for various voice applications like Station Greetings, Reminders, Security Dialer, Message Wait, Alarm, Help and Music-on-Hold.

Voice Prompts for Tones
Matrix Eternity offers this unique feature of using Voice Prompts in place of the regular tones to guide users at various stages of a call. The prompts like “The dialed number is ringing” for Ringing Tone and “The dialed number is busy, please hold” for Engage Tone can be recorded in any language. These prompts also guides the user about the current status of the call or next course of action the user needs to take. For example, if a user dials an extension and the extension is busy, a message like “The dialed extension is busy, please dial 2 for auto call back” can be played. This is an extremely user-friendly feature that offers a world of convenience to the users.

Value Added Features

All models of Matrix Eternity are expandable and allow the user to add extra cards to increase the number of stations to meet higher capacity requirements in future. From 8 users to 472 users can be accommodated in a single system. For higher capacities, multiple systems can be networked over T1/E1/PRI links.

Networking of Multiple Eternities
Many a large residential complexes have multiple apartment buildings. If a single Matrix Eternity cannot match the required number of stations, it is possible to install separate Matrix Eternity for each building. These can in turn be connected to each other to form a network. Matrix Eternity facilitates networking over T1 (1.544MPBS) or E1 (2MPBS) digital links using optional cards. Such a network allows the users of different building to talk to each other seamlessly.

Digital Key Phones
Matrix Eternity offers Digital Key Phone ports through a 2-wire, full-duplex Digital Subscriber Network Interface Circuit. A Digital Key Phones (DKP) connected to such a port can work up to a distance of 4 km. It facilitates easy and fast access to many value-added functions supported by the system. Many variant and colors of DKP are offered.

 Featured List
Alarms (Time, Daily, Future Date & Time)
Analog Input Port
Analog Output Port
Auto Attendant (Multiple Languages)
Auto Call Back (Busy, No Reply)
Auto Redial
Automated Control Applications
Background Music (DKP, SLT)
Call Follow Me
Call Forward
(Busy, No Reply, Dual Ring, Busy or No Reply, to external number)
Call Forward (Remote)
Call Progress Tones
Call Taping
Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP)
Calling Line Identity Restriction (CLIR)
Central Ringer
Communication Ports
Conference-3 Party
Conference-21 Party
Conflict Dialing
Conversation Recording
Customer Emergency Services Identification Dialing
Customer Name
Digital Input Port
Digital Output Port
Distinctive Rings
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Do Not Disturb (Remote)
Dynamic Lock (Auto and Manual)
E&M Connectivity
Emergency Call Detection and Reporting
Emergency Dialing
External Call
External Music Port
Field Programmable (Onsite up-gradation)
Flash Timer
Flexible Numbers
GPAX Applications
Hot Desking
Hotline (Immediate and With Delay)
Internal Call
Internal Call Restriction
Interrupt Request
ISDN-BRI Connectivity
ISDN-PRI Connectivity

Last Caller Recall
Last Number Redial
Meet Me Paging
Mobile Ports (GSM)
Mobile Rx Strength on DKP Display
Music on Hold
Name Programming (Station, Trunk)
Operator (Single, Multiple)
Paging (Internal and External)
Programmable Call Progress Tones & Rings
Programming the System
(Using SLT, DKP, Ethernet Port, Serial Port, Jeeves)
Public Address System Port
Quick Dial
Real Time Clock
Remote Alarm
Remote Call Forward
Remote Programming
RS232C Ports
Security Dialing and Reporting
Self Ring Test
Station In-Service/Out-Service
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
Station Message Detail Recording (Incoming, Outgoing, Internal)
System Activity Log and Display
System Debug
System Fault Log and Display
System Administrator (SA) Mode
System Security (Passwords)
Time Tables
Trunk Connectivity (BRI)
Trunk Connectivity (E&M)
Trunk Connectivity (E1)
Trunk Connectivity (GSM)
Trunk Connectivity (PRI)
Trunk Connectivity (T1)
Trunk Connectivity (VoIP)
Trunk Landing Groups
Trunk Parameters
Trunk Reservation
Upgrading the Software
User Security (Password)
Voice Help
Voice Mail Integration
Voice Message Applications
Voice Prompts for Tones
Walk-in Class of Service
Web based Programming

Technical Specifications
FXO (CO Lines) Port
Off Hook Line Impedance : 600
Loop Limit : 1500
Pulse Dialing : 10PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break = 33:67
DTMF Dialing and Reception : As per ITU-T Q.23 & Q.24
CLI Reception : DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202
Call Maturity : Delay, Polarity Reversal, 12 kHz or 16 kHz SPM
Protection : Built-in Secondary Protection as per EN55024 Standard
Connections : Amphenol 36-Way Connector (20-Pair Cable, 0.5 mm/0.019")
FXS (Stations Lines) Port
Loop Limit : 1200 Ω Max. (Excluding Telephone)
Loop Current : 39 mA (Max.)
Ring Voltage : 60 Vrms@25 Hz
Off Hook Line Impedance : Resistive 600 and Complex [350+(1000//0.21 u-F)] as per FCC Part 68
Pulse Detection : 10 PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break = 33:67
DTMF Detection : As per ITU-T Q.24
CLI Presentation : DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202 Protection Built-in Secondary Protection as per En55024 Standard
Connections : Amphenol 36-way connector for (20-pair cable, 0.5 mm/0.019 “)
Digital Key Phone (DKP) Port
Digital Key Phone (DKP) Port
Interfaces : Single Pair for Speech, Signaling and Power
Channels : 2B+D
Signaling : Proprietary Protocol
Loop Limit : 150
Protection : Built-in Secondary Protection. External Primary Protection Required.
Return Loss : More than 20 dB
Insertion Loss : Less than 1 dB
Inter-channel cross-talk : Less than -65 dBm
Idle channel noise : Less than -65 dBmOp
Longitudinal Balance : Better than 40 dB
Power Supply
Input : Option 1 : 90-265 VAC, 47-63 Hz
Option 2 : -48 VDC +/- 20%
Power Consumption (Typical) : 30 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 48.4 x 14.2 x 24.4 cm (19.0" x 5.6" x 9.6")
Unit Weight :

6.5 kg (14.3 lb) / 9.5 kg (20.9 lb)

Installation : Wall Mount, Table Top,19" Rack (Optional)
Additional Ports
Analog Input Port : 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, Push-Type Connector
Analog Output Port : 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, Push-Type Connector
Digital Input Port : Loop Sensing-Open/Close, 5 mA, Push-Type Connector
Digital Output Port : VDC Max = 60 V DC, IDC Max = 0.15 A, Push-Type Connector
Type of Switching : PCM/TDM, Digital Switching (100% Non-blocking)
Type of Control : 32-Bit RISC, Distributed Processing Architecture
Operating Temperature : -10°C to +50°C (-14°F to +122°F)
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Operating Humidity : 5-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity : 0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
 System Resources
System Resources System Resources Maximum Capacity
    GE3S GE6S GE12S
Universal Slots The Maximum Physical Card Slots 3 6 12
Total Time Slots The Maximum Time Slots 96 192 320
Total Slots The Maximum Physical Ports Available 48 96 192
* 8 Time Slots are Reserved for 4 Built-in DKP Ports Optional Interfaces
Optional Interfaces
System Resources Description Time Slot Consumption Maximum Ports
      GE3S GE6S GE12S
SLT Ports To Connect Single Line Telephones 1 48 96 192
DKP/DSS Ports To Connect Proprietary Digital Key Phones or DSS Consoles 2 24 48 96
TRK Ports To Connect Two wire CO Lines 1 12 24 48
E&M Ports To Connect E&M Network 1 12 24 48
GSM Ports To Connect to GSM Network 1 12 24 32
Magneto Trunk Ports To Connect Magneto Phones 1 12 24 48
BRI Ports To Connect to ISDN BRI Network or ISDN Compatible Devices 2 12 24 24
T1E1PRI Ports To Connect to T1 or E1 or PRI Network or Compatible Devices 32 3 6 8
VoIP Ports To Make VoIP (SIP) Calls using Internet or Intranet 1 24 48 96
Voice Mail System To configure as Voice Mail System 16 1 1 1
Built-In Interfaces
System Resources Description GE3S GE6S GE12S
DKP/DSS Ports To Connect Proprietary Digital Key Phones or DSS Consoles - - -
RS232C Ports To connect to a Computer for SMDR Output 1 1 1
Parallel Printer Ports To connect to a Parallel Printer - - -
Analog Input Ports To connect External Music Devices 1 1 1
Analog Output Ports To connect to a Public Addressing System 1 1 1
Digital Input Ports To connect to Sensors or Panic Switch 1 1 1
Digital Output Ports To connect to External Devices like Door Lock or Relay Ports 1 1 1
Ethernet Ports To access Web based programming tool "Jeeves" 1 1 1
USB Ports Reserved for Future Application 1 1 1
Voice Modules To configure as Auto Attendant and/or for Recording Voice messages to be used in other Voice based applications 8 8 8
Conference Maximum No of Simultaneous 3-part Conference 5 5 5
Redundancy To provide Redundancy in case of Primary Hardware failure NA NA NA
 Product Range -GSM
Eternity GE3S : Communication-Security PBX for Apartments expandable to 48 Ports
Eternity GE6S : Communication-Security PBX for Apartments expandable to 96 Ports
Eternity GE12S : Communication-Security PBX for Apartments expandable to 192 Ports
Eternity ME10S : Communication-Security PBX for Apartments expandable to 320 Ports
Eternity ME16S : Communication-Security PBX for Apartments expandable to 512 Ports

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