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Cosine 32P
Key Features
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Technical Specifications
Expansion Cards
System Resources
Product Range - SMB PBX
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The Value Creator

A communication system must offer flexibility to meet your present and future requirements, giving more value for your investment. Presenting Matrix Cosine: The future proof Digital ISDN Key Phone System. The true value creator for any organisation.

With its unique expansion cards, the system provides complete flexibility that allows it to grow with your growing needs, without increasing expense Its 100% non-blocking, PCM-TDM design ensures unrestricted simultaneous communication by all users.

Built on latest SLIC based architecture and CPLD design, the system offers not only advanced technology but also reliable and robust performance. The Matrix Cosine is packed with value-enhancing features that meet your communication requirements and also enhance the productivity of your organisation.

Go for the Matrix Cosine, add value to your organisation!
Cosine32P offers flexible configuration starting from a basic configuration of 2 trunk line (TRK) ports, 1 digital key phone (DKP) port and 6 single line telephone (SLT) ports. Cosine32P also offers an optional connectivity of one ISDN BRI line and an 8-port card for Auto Attendant. It is expandable up to 4 TRK ports, 3 DKP ports and 12 SLT ports.

The unique design of Cosine helps you to configure the system exactly to suit your requirement.
Future expansion is possible in small steps as per your requirement, without increasing the burden on your pocket heavily. Thus the Matrix Cosine proves to be an extremely cost effective telecommunication solution.

The SMT based hardware design of Cosine ensures a compact size and low power consumption. Built on ISDN switching platform and CPLD based design, the Matrix Cosine offers robust and reliable performance.
Intelligent features like Alternate Number Dialing, Auto Attendant, CLI based Routing, Dial by Name offer prompt and professional response, enabling efficient call management. Features such as Least Cost Routing, Scheduled Dialing, and Live Call Supervision help reduce the cost of communication.

Also, features like 15-Party Conference, Security Dialer, Remote Programming, Digital Input Port, Digital Output Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, etc. are built in the system at no extra cost. These features normally warrant additional investments in most other brands. The Matrix Cosine has no hidden costs; it is simply a comprehensive communication solution for your business.

Switch to the Matrix Cosine, for it not only adapts itself to your growing requirements, but also ensures value addition in your organisation.
 Key Features
Digital Key Phone Ports
The Matrix Cosine offers the option of connecting Digital Key Phones. It possesses a two-wire full-duplex Digital Subscriber Network Interface Circuit .

Allowed and Denied Lists
This function prevents the dialing of unnecessary long distance calls and thereby controls telephone costs.
A comprehensive list of numbers can be included in the Allowed and Denied Lists. However, it allows dialing of a few fixed numbers and restricts dialing of other numbers in the same area. For example, an extension can dial only ‘11-264-9875', but not any other number starting with ‘11'. Matrix Cosine offers the flexibility of defining 15 Allowed and 15 Denied lists. Each list can contain 16 numbers with a maximum of 16 digits in each number.

Alternate Number Dialing
Whenever redial or auto redial is used, the Matrix Cosine dials out the next alternative number instead of the same number that is found engaged. A great utility feature for office to office communication!

Auto Attendant
This feature is available on an optional 8-port auto attendant card that can be inserted in the Matrix Cosine. It allows the caller to directly reach an extension without the help of the operator. Different messages like Welcome Message, Dial by Name, Dial Extension, Busy, No Reply, Wrong Number Dialed and Transferring to the Operator are played according to the situation. Cosine can handle 8 callers simultaneously, a virtually impossible feat to accomplish for a human operator.

Auto Redial (Multiple Numbers)
This feature redials a busy number till it gets through. As soon as the number is connected, the extension gets a special ring and the number connected is also displayed on the telephone. Upto 8 busy numbers can be set for auto redial.

Background Music
The system can be used as a device to play background music as well, thus saving the costs incurred for speakers and wiring. The user can play the built-in music, or use an external music source like a CD player, FM radio, etc.

Battery Charger Circuit
The system has a built-in battery charger circuit. A single battery of 24 V, 7 A.h. can be connected to it. In case of power failure, the system automatically transfers to battery and vice versa.

Boss Ring
When a call is generated from an important extension, a different ringing cadence is generated at the destination extension. The Matrix Cosine offers eight different types of ringing cadences that can be used for internal calls, calls from boss, alarms, auto redial, etc. A very useful feature for senior executives who are pressed for time and require quick assistance from their subordinates.

Call Duration Control
This is a highly effective cost controlling feature that allows users to check the misuse of telephones in their office. Each extension can be programmed with a number of options. These include: incoming, outgoing, intercom, selective long distance or international calls to be disconnected after a predefined duration.

Call Progress Tones and Rings
The Matrix Cosine provides programmable Call Progress Tones like Dial Tone, Ring Back Tone and Busy Tone, etc. These tones can be selected to match those of the country standard where it is installed. Similarly, Ring cadences can also be selected.

Call Taping
With the help of a Voice Mail System this feature allows users to record conversations in the organisation. Calls made to or received from selected external numbers, can be recorded. This feature is possible both on the digital key phone and single line telephone extensions. A helpful feature to document important voice conversations. This feature however, should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Caller Line Identification(CLI) and Presentation
The Matrix Cosine offers CLI features on both digital key phones and single line telephones. It offers the facility to detect CLI on ISDN line and analogue telephone line. It can detect both, DTMF and FSK signals for CLI. Users can get CLI of external numbers, internal numbers and also CLI on transfer of calls. The Matrix Cosine also offers the flexibility of extension-wise programming of the CLI feature.

Class of Service
The Matrix Cosine facilitates the access rights of features for each extension. Thus, allowing the system to be configured exactly as the user requires. For example, Extn. 201 (a middle management executive) can have features like Conference, Auto Redial, Access to Abbreviated Dialing Group-1 of Global Directory, Alarms, Do Not Disturb and Call Transfer only, whereas Extn. 501 (pantry) can be configured to dial intercom numbers only.

CLI based Routing
The dedicated code detector circuits identify the Caller Line Number (trunk call) and route it directly to a specified station. Fifty external numbers can be programmed in the Matrix Cosine. Even the name of the caller can be programmed to be displayed on the digital key phone.

Conference 15-Party
It allows 15 people to converse in a single conference. The unique design of this feature also allows multiple conferences to be conducted simultaneously. For example, you can conduct a 3-party conference, an 8-party conference and another 4-party conference simultaneously. As digital conferencing circuits are used, the number of parties involved in the conference does not affect the speech levels.

Conversation Recording
The user can set the Voice Mail System to record his conversation in his mailbox. This helps the user to keep a record of the points discussed and agreed upon with the opposite party. A boon for businesses that work on verbal commitments. This feature however, should be used in accordance with the local laws.

Dedicated DTMF
The Matrix Cosine has dedicated DTMF circuits for each port, thus making it 100% non-blocking, and allowing simultaneous dialing on all extensions.

Emergency Dialing and Reporting
Matrix Cosine allows you to program the emergency number and what's more, this emergency number can be dialed from any extension, even from those that do not have trunk access. If any user from the organisation dials a particular emergency number, for example, ‘911', the operator is immediately informed about the extension from which the number was dialed. This helps the operator to take necessary action.

Matrix Cosine offers the option for future expansion simply by adding cards as per user requirements. Four different varieties of cards are available for expansion. Expansion cards are available for 1 trunk line port, 1 digital key phone port, 2 single line telephone ports and 1 ISDN BRI for Cosine 32P and 2 ISDN BRI ports for Cosine 64P.

Fax Homing
Voice and Fax calls can be received on the same trunk. If an incoming call is a fax call, the Matrix Cosine directs the call on to an extension where a fax machine is connected.

Flexible Numbering
This function allows you to define the extension numbers as per your convenience. You can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 digit extension numbers. Moreover, within the same system, you can have combinations of 1, 2, 3 and 4 digit extension numbers. You can even have conflicting extension numbers defined like 2, 22, 222 and 2222 within the same system.

Hot Desking
The Object Oriented Programming done for this function allows the extension user to transfer the extension to another with a single command. It is akin to carrying your extension with you wherever you go. Both digital key phone and single line telephone users can activate this feature. The digital key phone user can hot desk his extension with another digital key phone user, and the single line trunk user can hot desk his extension with another single line telephone user. This feature is programmable extension-wise and can be activated by the use of a personal password.

The Matrix Cosine32P offers the option of one ISDN BRI (2B+D) port. Cosine64P offers the option of two ISDN BRI Ports. ISDN BRI lines can be terminated to these ports. These systems support features like Multi Subscriber Number (MSN), Direct Dial In (DDI) and Caller Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP).

The Matrix Cosine is accompanied by Jeeves, a Windows based Graphic User Interface (GUI) software tool for programming the system. It is intuitive, user-friendly and supports many languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Italian. Jeeves makes programming of the Matrix Cosine a child's play!

Live Call Supervision
A great monitoring-cum-security feature, it lets the supervisor know the phone number which an extension (digital key phone or single line telephone) user is currently talking to. What's more, this feature is available both on digital key phone and single line telephone!

Power Down Operation
The Matrix Cosine offers power down operation for all trunk
lines that are connected to the system. In case of power failure, the trunk lines get connected to the predefined user extensions (single line telephone). This is a built-in feature and does not require any additional hardware.

Programmable Access Codes
This function allows you to define feature access codes as per the convenience of users. This feature offers the users great convenience, as they do not have to remember the new codes in case the system is changed.

Remote Programming
The Matrix Cosine can be programmed from a remote location. This does not require the existence of a PC or any other specialised device at the site where Cosine is installed.

Room Monitor
It allows the station user to listen to the sounds in another room where the Digital Key Phone is installed without the knowledge of the room's occupants. What's unique about this feature is that you can monitor the room even from your mobile phone. A very powerful security feature!

Scheduled Dialing
The system can be programmed to dial a number at a pre-specified time. This facility is of great use to lock long distance and international lines at set timings, thereby preventing misuse. For example, the Matrix Cosine can be set to lock the long distance or international calling facility everyday after 6.00 pm, so that there is no misuse of the telephone line, even if it has been left open accidentally.

Security Dialer
The Matrix Cosine allows the users to connect any type of sensor like glass break sensor, magnetic sensor, smoke detector etc. to the digital input port. In case emergency, this feature dials 3 different numbers and plays a pre-recorded message. The called person can also be asked to confirm that the message has been heard by him. A hooter can also be activated in case of emergency.

Least Cost Routing (LCR)
It selects the most cost effective trunk from the allotted trunks to make outgoing calls depending upon the time of call and the destination number, resulting in major savings. Three parameters can be defined for LCR -
(i) Time
(ii) Number and
(iii) Carrier Pre-Selection. Even combinations of the above parameters can be programmed for LCR. For example, you can program the system to select only a particular trunk line for making long distance calls, and another to make all local calls during the day, but a different trunk line for making local calls during the night.
 Featured List

Abbreviated Dialing (Global & Personal)
Alarms (Duration, Remote, Daily, Time)
Allowed and Denied Lists
Alternate Number Dialing
Analog Input Port (AIP)
Analog Output (AOP)
Auto Attendant
Auto Call Back (All, Busy, No Reply)
Auto Redial (Multiple Numbers)
Automated Control Applications (Three)*
Battery Back-up
Behind the PBX Applications
Boss Ring
Call Duration Control (All, Selective calls)
Call Forward (All, Busy, No reply)
Call Park
Call Pick Up (Group, Selective)
Call Progress Tones
Call Splitting
Call Transfer (Screened, While Ringing, On Busy, Trunk to Trunk)
Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP- both FSK and DTMF)
Class Of Service (COS)
CLI (Trunk, Station)
CLI based External Call Forwarding
CLI based Routing
Communication Port
Computer Connectivity
Conference (Supervised, Unsupervised)
Configuration Reports
Continued Dialing
Country Settings (Indian, American, European)
Day-Night Mode (Auto, Manual) Distinctive Rings
Department Call
Dial by Name
Digital Input Port (DIP)
Digital Output Port (DOP)
Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
Direct Outward System Access (DOSA)
Door Phone (2 wire or 4 wire)*
Door Lock*
Dynamic Lock (Auto, Manual)
Emergency Dialing (American version only)

External Call Forward (All, Selective)
External Music Port
Fax Homing
Flash Timer
Flexible Numbers
Hotline (Immediate, Delayed)
Internet Ready Port
Interrupt Request
Last Number Redial
Least Cost Routing (Time, Number, Combined, Carrier Pre-Selection)
Live Call Supervision
Music on Hold (Internal, External, Voice Module)
Power Down Mode
Programming the System (Using SLT, Serial Port Jeeves)
Real Time Clock
Remote Programming (from Landline or Mobile)
Remote Status Display*
Scheduled Dialing
Security Dialer (Three Numbers)
Station Group
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR-Incoming)
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR-Outgoing)
Station and Trunk Name Display
System Security (Passwords)
System Timers
Time Table
Toll Control
Trunk Access Groups
Trunk Landing Groups
User Security (Password)
Voice Greetings for Alarms
Voice Guided help for DOSA & DID (Busy, No reply, Transfer, Wrong Dial)
Voice Message for Auto Redial
Voice Greetings for Day & Night
Voice Message for Security Dialer
Walk-in Class of Service

* Optional

Technical Specifications
CO Line (FXO)
Off Hook Line Impedance : 600
Loop Limit : 1500
Pulse Dialing : 10 PPS +/- 5%, Make/Break =33:67, 40:60, 50:50
DTMF Dialing and Detection : As per ITU-T Q.23 & Q.24
CLI Reception : DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202
Call Maturity : Delay Type
Protection : Solid State (over Voltage and Over Current) built-in Secondary Protection
Connection : Push-Type Connector (Single Pair Wire, 0.5 mm/0.019”)
Power Fail Transfer : All CO lines to fixed stations
Station Lines (FXS)
Loop Limit : 1200 (Max.)Excluding Telephone
Loop Current : 39 mA Max.
Ring Voltage : 60Vrms, 25Hz
Off Hook Line Impedance : 600
Pulse Detection : 10 PPS +/-10%, Make/Break = 33:67
DTMF Detection : As per ITU-T Q.24
CLI Presentation : DTMF, FSK ITU-T V.23 and FSK Bellcore 202
Protection : Built-in Secondary Protection as per EN55024 Standard
Connection : Push-Type (Single Pair Wire, 0.5 mm/0.019 “)
BRI Trunks
Channels : 2B+D
Personality : TE (Terminal Equipment)
Signaling : Euro ISDN ETSI DSS1 CTR3 (NET3), ITU-T Q.921, Q.931, US National ISDN-1, German 1TR6, France VNx, Australian TS-013, TS-031
Countries Supported : Europe, USA, Germany, France, UK, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore
Supplementary Services : Euro ISDN, US Nation ISDN
Digital Key Phone (DKP) Port
Interfaces : Single Pair for Speech, Signaling and Power
Channels : 2B+D
Signaling : Proprietary Protocol
Loop Limit : 150 (Eon45), 100 (Eon42)
Protection : Solid State (over Voltage and Over Current) built-in Secondary Protection
Additional Ports
Analog Input Port : 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, Push-Type Connector
Analog Output Port : 0.7 Vrms, Isolated, Push-Type Connector
Digital Input Port : Loop Sensing-Open/Close, 5 mA, Push-Type Connector
Digital Output Port : VDC Max = 60 V DC, IDC Max = 0.15 A, Push-Type Connector
Switching : PCM/TDM Digital Switching, 100% Non-blocking
Transmission Parameter (Between FXS-FXO)
Return Loss : More than 18 dB
Insertion Loss : Less than 1 dB
Inter-Channel Cross-Talk : Less than -65 dBm
Idle Channel Noise : Less than -65 dBmOp
Longitudinal Balance : Better than 40 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 25.0 x 33.0 x 7.0 cm (9.8” x 13.0” x 2.7”)
Unit Weight : 1.6 kg (3.5 lb)
Shipping Weight : 3.7 kg (8.1 lb)
Installation : Wall Mount
Operating Temperature : -10°C to +50°C (-14°F to +122°F)
Operating Humidity : 5-95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Storage Temperature : -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
Storage Humidity : 0-95% RH, Non-Condensing
Power Supply
Mains : 90-265 V AC, 47-65 Hz
Power Consumption (Typical) : 20 W
Battery Rating : 24 V DC, 7-10 A.h
Door Phone
Housed in a stylish package, the Door Phone provides the much desired security and convenience for any SOHO user. It resembles a normal door bell and serves dual purposes of a phone and a bell. It can be connected with Vision-P and VisionUltra.

Remote Status Display Unit
The Remote Status Display Unit can be used to monitor status of all the trunks and the extensions. This unit can be connected with VisionUltra products.

The Windows based programming tool with Graphic User Interface (GUI) for Vision and VisionUltra, makes programming a child`s play. The Jeeves supports many popular languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and Portuguese.
 Expansion Cards
1 Door Phone Port and 3 Digital Output Port Card
Expansion card for two wire (2W) door phone and three digital output ports.
If door phone is not connected, this port can be used as an extra single line extension.

1 Door Phone Port and 3 Digital Output Port Card
Expansion card for connecting four wire (4W) door phone and three digital output ports.

System Resources
Hardware Application Cosine32P

Total Ports
Maximum TWT Trunks
Maximum BRI Trunks
Maximum Analog Phone
Maximum Digital Key Phone
Analog Input Port (AIP)
Analog Output Port (AOP)
Digital Input Port (DIP)
Digital Output Port (DOP)
RS232C (COMM) Ports
Parallel Port
Security Dialer
Voice Module
DTMF Decoders
DTMF Encoders

Maximum Usable Ports
PSTN/CO Line Connectivity
BRI Line Connectivity
Phone, Fax, Modem Connectivity
Digital Key Phone Connectivity
External Music Connectivity
Public Address System (PAS) Connectivity
Sensors, Panic Switches Connectivity
Door Lock, Relay Based Device Connectivity
Computer Connectivity
Printer Connectivity
Emergency Dialing
Auto Attendant & Other Voice Based Applications

Multi-Party Conference

256 sec
Separate for each Analog Port
Separate for each Analog Port
15 Party

 Product Range -SMB PBX
Proton103 : 1 Trunk Line and 3 Extension Line PBX
Proton205 : 2 Trunk Line and 5 Extension Line PBX
Proton206 : 2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX
Proton308 : 3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX
Vision206S : 2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX with Standard Features
Vision308S : 3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX with Standard Features
Vision309P : 3 Trunk Line and 9 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
VisionUltra206P : 2 Trunk Line and 6 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
VisionUltra308P : 3 Trunk Line and 8 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
VisionUltra412P : 4 Trunk Line and 12 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
VisionUltra616P : 6 Trunk Line and 16 Extension Line PBX with Premium Features
Cosine32P : Digital Key Phone System for Mid-size Business Expandable up to 21 Ports
Cosine64P : Digital Key Phone System for Mid-size Business Expandable up to 52 Ports

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